BMW i4 EV Complete Detail – Range, Price and Launching

BMW i4 EV Complete Detail - Range, Price and Launching


BMW i4 EV Complete Detail – Range, Price and Launching

In 2021, the BMW i4 EV will go into production. BMW’s model will give perfect competition to Tesla Model 3. It will be an electric-only Sedan packed with forward-thinking, based on new technological features. To keep weight in control – it was made with composite materials.

The BMW i4 will be powered by an 80-kilowatt-hour battery, producing about 390 kilowatts, or roughly 530 horsepower. It will take about 4 seconds for accelerating to 62 mph and the i4 will have an electronically limited top speed of 120 mph.

In current EV’s, the company is using generation 3 and generation 4 battery packs which are significantly smaller than the generation 5 battery pack, which is used by BMW’s i4 Model. Y
This allows them to be more easily scaled for smaller or bigger applications and make the cells more easy to be packed in the vehicle’s floor.

The fifth-generation batteries are quite stronger, meaning thereby, can better handle the fast charging situations. According to the BMW, i4 would be able to charge 80% in about 35 minutes with the help of a 150-kW DC fast charger.

From comparing point of view, the current i3 hatchback will take 17 minutes to reach 62 miles of range while i4 will take only 6 minutes to do the same.

The i4 is one of several fully electric vehicles that will use BMW’s fifth-generation technologies. At the beginning of 2021, the BMW i4 will be built in Munich, Germany. And also make its way to other markets from that launch. We expect it to arrive in the US till 2021.

The BMW i4 will be able to run from 0 to 62 mph in about 4 seconds, with an electronically limited topmost speed of 120 mph. An 80-kilowatt-hour, the 1,200-pound battery pack will provide a range of 373 miles on the European WLTP testing cycle, which yields notoriously optimistic figures.

BMW i4 electric vehicle sedan comes as part of the brand’s strategy to launch 5 new electrified models by 2023. Upon launch, it is expected to challenge the Tesla Model 3 sedan.

Price – From BMW Pricing information about the electric sedan is yet to be disclosed.

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MG ZS EV Customers may get Free of Cost Fast Charging

MG ZS Electric Vehicle - Customers to get Free Fast Charging for Limited Period
MG ZS EV – Customers to get Free Fast Charging for Limited Period

Morris Garages (MG) – May offers Fast Charging to ZS EV Customers for Limited time period

Recently, News came that MG is planning to launch its first electric SUV in India Naming MG ZS EV, They will unveil MG ZS EV on 6th December. Now, On that MG may offer the Free Charging for that electric vehicle for a timeline free of cost.

Morris Garages may be working on installing the Charging stations on prime locations in Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. Additionally, MG ZS EV Customer may get the AC Charger with the vehicle. And that will be installed by Delta Electronics India.

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The MG ZS EV is expected to be powered by a 44.5 kWh lithium-ion battery and an electric motor with an output of 141 BHP and 353 Nm. Battery size is expected to deliver the range up to 300 km drive in a single charge. This Sound may be bitter because there is a competitor Hyundai Kona, Who offers little more in a single charge. It can be recharged to 80% of its capacity in 40 minutes using a 50 kW DC charger or in 7 hours with a 7 kW charger.

Now, It is interesting to see. How MG will perform in the Electric segment? MG already doing great with initial launched MG Hector. It is been liked by Indian Consumers.