Zeekr X Review

Zeekr X Review: A Stylish and Powerful Electric SUV

The Zeekr X, part of the Zeekr brand owned by the Chinese conglomerate Geely, offers a unique take on the small premium electric SUV. Despite being a relatively unknown Chinese brand, Zeekr aims to compete with established premium players in the electric vehicle (EV) market.

The Zeekr X is a compact electric luxury car built on Geely’s SEA (Sustainable Experience Architecture) platform, shared with other brands like Smart and Volvo. The Zeekr X comes in rear-wheel-drive with a single motor or dual motors for four-wheel drive.

Zeekr X Review
Zeekr X Review

The single motor variant produces 203 kW with 343 Nm of torque, while the dual-motor model offers a staggering 315 kW and 543 Nm of torque, enabling it to accelerate from 0-100 km/h in just 3.8 seconds. Both models share a 69 kWh battery that provides ranges of 445 km for the single-motor version and 425 km for the dual-motor variant.

On a test drive of the dual-motor model, the efficiency averaged 4.7 km/kWh, which is lower than the official WLTP range of 5.8 km/kWh. The Zeekr X comes equipped with a 22 kW onboard AC charger and a 150 kW DC rapid charger, capable of charging from empty to 80% in 29 minutes.

The interior features a minimalist design with a 14.6-inch touchscreen centralizing controls for various functions. While the overall design and quality are good, there are some lower-quality materials in some areas. The Zeekr X offers ample passenger space, and the boot has a capacity of 362 liters.

The car has unique features, including a pet mode that maintains a comfortable temperature for pets left in the car and external speakers that can produce various sounds to warn pedestrians or broadcast music. The Zeekr X aims to provide a relaxing driving experience. In terms of pricing, the standard model starts at €44,990, while the flagship AWD variant tested costs an additional €4,500.

Although it has some quirks, the Zeekr X is a well-equipped, comfortable, and stylish premium compact SUV, making it a compelling option in the competitive EV market. Zeekr plans to compete with European premium car manufacturers, and the Zeekr X demonstrates its commitment to providing a competitive, high-quality offering in the premium EV segment.

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