Tesla Cybertruck New Infotainment UI and Wireless Phone Chargers

Tesla Cybertruck: New Infotainment UI and Wireless Phone Chargers

The Tesla Cybertruck, soon to be delivered to customers, remains somewhat shrouded in mystery, but a new video offers the most detailed look at its interior yet, as well as a glimpse of the custom user interface (UI) on the infotainment display.

The origin of the video is unclear, but it provides a close-up view of the Cybertruck’s interior and the UI used on the infotainment screen. Tesla has made some notable changes to the UI compared to its other models. The UI features new icons with sharp edges and a subtle visual transition from the left side of the screen, displaying essential vehicle functions, to the right side, where the navigation system is located.

For those familiar with Tesla’s current vehicles, it’s evident that the icon tray has been relocated from the bottom to the left side of the screen. The battery icon has also been updated, and, similar to the Model S, Model X, and the updated Model 3, the gear selector is now in the upper left corner of the screen.

The video also provides a clear view of the Cybertruck’s flat-bottom and flat-top steering wheel, two wireless charging pads, angular cupholders, and the enormous panoramic glass roof. The sun visor appears to lack a mirror.

In addition to this interior glimpse, social media posts have recently emerged showing a Cybertruck prototype at SpaceX’s StarBase in Texas. In the video, the Cybertruck is towing a portion of a Raptor rocket engine. Speculation suggests that Tesla may be creating promotional content for the Cybertruck at SpaceX’s facility.

While many details about the Cybertruck remain undisclosed, these glimpses offer a closer look at its interior and potential promotional efforts.

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