Tata Yodha Pick-Up Truck with Flatbed Hard Top Caravan

Tata Yodha Pick-Up Truck with Flatbed Hard Top Caravan: The Ultimate Adventure Vehicle

Caravan and motorhome culture in India has not gained widespread popularity, but there has been a noticeable increase in people converting their cars into motorhomes for road trips since the pandemic. In most cases, individuals undertake modifications that don’t require professional assistance, such as installing an inflatable bed and a storage space for food items in the car’s trunk. However, there’s also a group of enthusiasts who invest in buying a car and completely transforming it into a caravan. There are specialized garages and workshops that excel in this field, with Motorhome Adventures being one of the leading names in the industry. With over 25 years of experience, this company has been converting trucks and vehicles into caravans for many years. One of their recent projects involved a Tata Yodha pickup truck, which was converted into a hardtop caravan.

Motorhome Adventures shared a video of this project on their YouTube channel, where the presenter discusses the caravan’s features, materials used, and dimensions. The Tata Yodha pickup truck served as the donor vehicle for this project, and there were no customizations made to the cab; it remained in its original state. The entire vehicle was painted in a rugged gunmetal grey color with black stripes, giving it an outdoor and adventurous appearance. The driver’s cabin was left untouched. Moving to the side, there were several modifications, including a repositioned fuel inlet, additional storage space, and a plug point for connecting the caravan to an external power source. Sliding windows were added on both sides, and an inlet was installed for the 270-liter fresh water tank.

The caravan itself measures 6 feet in height and width, featuring a shell made from auto-grade aluminum. Marker lamps were added to both the front and rear of the caravan. The original bed of the Tata Yodha was removed, and a custom flat bed was constructed to create the new space. However, customers have the option to choose slide-in caravans that don’t require the removal of the original bed or trunk.

At the rear of the caravan, two spare wheels were mounted, and it rode on steel rims with 16-inch thick-profile tires. A ladder was positioned at the back for roof access, which could also be reached from inside the cabin through a hatch. Three 100 Ah batteries were neatly placed in the lower section of the caravan, with two dedicated to powering the caravan and one for the vehicle itself. The owner also opted for a barbecue counter equipped with access points for fresh water and gas. To access the cabin, a foldable ladder was provided. The floor was finished with vinyl, while the roof featured pine wood panels with integrated LED lights. A full-size mirror was installed on the bathroom door.

The bathroom was equipped with an FRP toilet, sink, and other amenities. Adjacent to the bathroom, there was a space for luggage and clothing storage. This caravan was designed for two people, and the layout reflected this. It included a Korean kitchen top with an FRP sink and stove, as well as a microwave placed in the overhead storage. Multiple compartments were created beneath the vehicle to store food items, and a refrigerator was neatly positioned under the sofa. The driver’s cabin could also be accessed from the rear. The bed was designed to extend to accommodate two people comfortably. The overall appearance of the caravan was clean and well-designed, although the exact cost of this project was not disclosed in the video, as it varies depending on the customer’s preferences and choices.

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