Suzuki eVX electric SUV

Suzuki eVX Electric SUV Nearly Ready for Launch

Suzuki is addressing its electric vehicle gap by developing the eVX, a fully-electric SUV designed to compete in the growing market for small all-electric SUVs. While Suzuki has not yet confirmed whether the eVX will be available in Australia, it’s expected to rival vehicles like the Hyundai Kona Electric, Jeep Avenger, and Kia’s upcoming EV3.

Suzuki eVX electric SUV
Suzuki eVX electric SUV

The eVX is designed with a modern and slightly futuristic appearance, featuring angular surfacing and flush-fitting door handles. Some design elements from the concept version have been revised, such as the addition of traditional wing mirrors and reshaped headlights. The vehicle will maintain Suzuki’s signature chunky off-road stance, distinguishing it from its competitors.

Although the eVX’s underpinnings have not been officially announced, there is potential for technology sharing with Toyota due to the partnership between the two companies. It’s possible that the eVX could utilize a Toyota platform, such as the one used in the similarly-sized bZ3X.

Suzuki has stated that the eVX is expected to achieve a range of 500 kilometers thanks to its 60kWh battery. This range is notably more than that of competitors like the Kia Niro EV and Jeep Avenger, providing greater driving flexibility on a single charge.

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