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Snap-E Cabs Expands Green Fleet to 600 Eco-Friendly Cabs in Kolkata

Snap-E Cabs, the app-based electric vehicle fleet, has announced strategic partnerships with Mufin Green Finance, Mahindra & Mahindra Finance, ICICI, and HDFC Finance to reinforce its eco-friendly cab fleet in Kolkata.

As part of Snap-E Cabs’ growth strategy for FY ’24, which includes expanding into new markets like Bhubaneswar and Raipur, the company is gearing up to double the size of its fleet.

Snap-E Cabs
Snap-E Cabs

In collaboration with Mufin Green Finance, Snap-E Cab will incorporate 100 Tata Tigor cars into its fleet through a 5-year lease arrangement. These vehicles will be deployed as cabs in Kolkata, expanding the Snap-E Cab fleet from 400 to 600.

At the conclusion of the 5-year lease period, Snap-E Cab retains the option to purchase these vehicles from Mufin Green Finance. Similarly, Mahindra & Mahindra Finance has partnered with Snap-E Cab to lease 50 Tata Tigor cars for a 3-year duration, with the potential for Snap-E Cab to acquire these vehicles once the lease term concludes.

Additionally, ICICI and HDFC Finance have joined forces with Snap-E Cab to contribute an extra 50 Tata Tigor cars collectively. This collaboration will further augment the Snap-E Cab fleet in Kolkata, bringing the total number of cabs to 600.

Mayank Bindal, Founder & CEO of Snap-E Cab, expressed his enthusiasm for these partnerships, emphasizing their alignment with the company’s vision to offer environmentally-conscious transportation options to customers while expanding its presence and improving its services.

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