electric Citroën e-C3

New electric Citroën e-C3 unveiled in Europe

Citroën has officially announced the unveiling of the next-generation, all-electric C3 on Tuesday, October 17. This new model, known as the ë-C3, is anticipated to be priced below €25,000 in Europe, making it one of the more affordable electric cars available, nearing the price range of Chinese competitors.

The ë-C3 will retain the dimensions of the outgoing combustion-engined C3 and draw inspiration from the ‘CC21’ C3 model introduced in India and Latin America last year. Its styling is influenced by the Oli concept, with lighting signatures akin to the forward-thinking pick-up.

ModelNext-generation Citroën C3
Unveiling DateTuesday, October 17
Pricing in Europe“Below €25,000” (Approximately $42,000)
DimensionsIdentical to outgoing combustion-engined C3
StylingInspired by the Oli concept with forward-thinking lighting
Features“Fully equipped” with air conditioning and electric windows
PlatformBuilt on a “BEV-native” platform
RangeOver 300km (Specific technical details not disclosed)
ImportanceC3 is a crucial model for Citroën with over 5.5 million units sold
Trim LevelsThree-level range with a maximum of five options
Price TransparencyAim to offer fair price transparency and reduce discounting
electric Citroën e-C3
electric Citroën e-C3

Citroën has shared that the ë-C3 will come fully equipped with features like air conditioning and electric windows. It will be built on a “BEV-native” platform and is expected to offer a range of more than 300 kilometers, although specific technical details have yet to be disclosed.

The C3 holds significant importance within Citroën’s range, with over 5.5 million units sold since its debut. The company is pursuing global expansion, and the new C3 is a key part of this strategy.

Citroën’s CEO, Thierry Koskas, plans to simplify the C3 range, offering three levels, each with a maximum of five options. This approach aims to reduce buyer confusion and streamline production at Citroën’s factory in Slovakia. Additionally, Citroën aims to provide fair price transparency, seeking to minimize discounting while still allowing room for negotiation.

Maintaining prices close to the quoted levels is viewed as a matter of discipline by Koskas, offering a transparent and straightforward buying experience for customers.

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