New Batmobile Revealed

New Batmobile Revealed! Batman Fans Will Be Shocked

Warner Brothers has offered a glimpse behind the scenes of the creation and testing of Robert Pattinson’s Batmobile for “The Batman.” While it may seem unusual to release such a video for a movie that premiered in early May 2022, it could hint at Pattinson’s Batman making a return, preparing fans for his next adventure as the Dark Knight.

Pattinson’s Batmobile has earned a place among our favorite Batman vehicles because of its realistic design. Unlike previous iterations with bat-like wings, this version is grounded in reality. Director Matt Reeves opted for a more practical and DIY appearance, reflecting Batman’s hands-on approach, saying that it looks like “Batman built it himself in his basement” without tapping into Wayne Industries’ vast resources.

To bring this vision to life, the production enlisted the help of Ash Thorp, who had always dreamed of contributing to the creation of a Batmobile. Following the Batmobile’s impressive debut at SEMA 2022, Thorp is returning to SEMA 2023 with a similarly styled 240Z Electromod.

Despite its basement-made appearance, nearly all parts of the Batmobile had to be custom-made, except for the LS3 crate engine. To enhance its flamethrowing capabilities, additional smaller flamethrowers were added for visual effect.

Knowing that the car would serve as a battering ram, the design was tailored for this purpose, with the rear exposed to showcase the second engine, even though it’s entirely cosmetic, composed of 2,000 custom-made parts.

In terms of design inspiration, the Batmobile blends elements of various muscle cars, with the Dodge Charger and Challenger being the most prominent. The interior was also designed to evoke a no-frills muscle car aesthetic.

Four Batmobiles were constructed for the production: one for ramming, a lightweight model for jumps and sideways driving, a pod car with roof-mounted controls for the stunt driver, and a hero car. Surprisingly, the hero car was fully electric. The three gas-powered vehicles were equipped with a 700-horsepower LS3 engine and a custom four-wheel-drive system that could distribute 100% of the power to either the front or rear wheels.

Given its practical design and functionality, the stunt team rigorously tested the Batmobile, uncovering its capabilities, which influenced the film’s action sequences.

Fans are eager to see an upgraded version in Pattinson’s next Batman film. With “The Flash” introducing multiple Batmen, including Pattinson, Ben Affleck, Michael Keaton, and George Clooney, and even Lego Batman, the Bat-family continues to expand.

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