Mazda Concept Car

Mazda Concept Car: Unveil Mysterious New Concept Car This Month

The upcoming Tokyo Motor Show will serve as the platform for Mazda’s new concept car, set to make a significant appearance at the show. The theme of Mazda’s stand at the event revolves around “the future created by the ‘love of cars’,” which this yet-to-be-named concept vehicle is expected to embody. The main focus of Mazda’s display will center on the iconic MX-5 roadster, highlighting the brand’s commitment to crafting vehicles that cater to the passion for driving and cars.

Mazda Concept Car
Mazda Concept Car

While details are sparse, a teaser image released by Mazda offers a glimpse of the concept, showing circular tail-lights, an illuminated rear running light, and Mazda lettering. These elements hint at a complete vehicle and potentially a progression of the ‘Mazda Vision Study’ that was unveiled in November 2022.

The Mazda Vision Study, a sleek two-door coupe, was initially presented as a digital model and was part of the brand’s long-term strategy, which prominently featured electrified vehicles, including hybrids and EVs. Mazda’s commitment to electrification is evident, as it is developing its scalable electric-car platform called the Skyactiv EV Scalable Architecture. Electric sports cars have also become a trend, with brands like MG, Porsche, and Lotus already in the mix. Hence, it’s quite possible that Mazda’s upcoming concept is battery-powered.

Mazda has stated its intentions to launch three new electric cars by 2025 and introduce its new EV platform. So far, only the MX-30 has been brought to the market, offering a modest range of 174 kilometers.

The design of the Mazda Vision Study from last year drew inspiration from Mazda’s FD RX-7 from the early 1990s and 2000s, featuring a long bonnet, a large steeply raked windscreen and rear deck, and a rounded roofline. The design also shares the same tail-light design and split running lights as seen in Mazda’s teaser image.

While it may take years before a new fifth-generation MX-5 is released, Mazda has provided updates to the existing MX-5 Roadster and hard-top RF. These upgrades include a new 8.8-inch infotainment screen, improved throttle response for the 2.0-liter models, and some subtle cosmetic enhancements to keep the iconic roadster fresh.

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