Lucid Air Pure RWD

Lucid Air Pure RWD: Get a Luxury EV for Under $80,000!

Lucid is expanding its impressive all-electric sedan lineup with the introduction of a new entry-level model, the Air Pure RWD. Priced starting at $77,400 (excluding destination fee), this model aims to make the Lucid Air even more appealing to consumers. Despite being the base variant, the Air Pure RWD offers an impressive range of up to 410 miles (660 km) on a single charge.

Powering the base model is a single motor delivering 430 hp (320 kW/436 PS), enabling the car to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph (96 km/h) in a respectable 4.5 seconds. This addition joins the Air Pure AWD, equipped with two motors producing a total of 480 hp (358 kW/487 PS) and achieving a 0-60 time of 3.8 seconds, priced at $82,400 (excluding destination fee).

Lucid Air Pure RWD
Lucid Air Pure RWD

Surprisingly, despite having fewer motors and less power, the Lucid Air Pure RWD matches the Air Pure AWD in terms of range, both offering up to 410 miles (660 km) on a single charge. Lucid notes that the new model benefits from its smallest and lightest battery pack to date.

Inside the Air Pure RWD, you’ll find features similar to other models in the lineup, including standard Apple CarPlay, a 34-inch curved glass display, a touchscreen interface, and Lucid’s patented Micro Lens Array LED headlights for nighttime driving. Additionally, it will come equipped with the automaker’s suite of advanced driver assistance systems and will be capable of receiving over-the-air updates.

Despite receiving critical acclaim, the Lucid Air initially faced challenges in finding customers due to price increases prompted by inflationary pressures. However, following the introduction of the Air Pure AWD and other price adjustments, CEO Peter Rawlinson reports that sales have been on the rise.

With the Gravity, an expensive SUV, set to launch in November, attracting more customers is crucial for Lucid’s future success. This likely explains the decision to introduce an even more affordable electric vehicle in the form of the Lucid Air Pure RWD.

Lucid’s CEO, Peter Rawlinson, expressed his enthusiasm for the new addition, stating, “The new Lucid Air Pure RWD has it all; style and technology, range and performance, space and practicality. I’m delighted that the most accessible Air surpasses the range of any other electric car from any other brand. With a starting price of $77,400, I believe that this new addition to the Lucid Air lineup is the car so many have been waiting for.”

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