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Lightning McQueen is Real! See the Amazing Transformation of a 2024 Ford Mustang GT

The 2024 Ford Mustang has been winning over enthusiasts of all ages with its charm.

One proud owner of a 2024 Ford Mustang GT, who recently welcomed this new sports coupe into his life, has transformed his vehicle into a striking resemblance of Lightning McQueen.

Andy De La Vega, also known as McQueen Atlanta, embarked on this project with the intention of bringing joy to people. He initiated the transformation using a sixth-generation Mustang S550, which gained significant attention on social media during the pandemic – a period when something embodying the spirit of McQueen was perfectly poised to spread positivity.

Several months ago, De La Vega decided to part ways with the S550 and acquire the S650. He chronicled the conversion journey of his new Mustang GT on Instagram, documenting every step from its purchase to the meticulous recreation of Lightning McQueen’s iconic appearance from the Pixar film.

From a side view, the Mustang proudly displays the distinctive number 95, lightning bolt, and flames graphics, along with the “Rust-eze” sponsor decals. To truly capture the essence of the Cars franchise character, the vehicle even received a transparent windshield wrap that mimics the endearing “eyes” seen on these animated characters.

While the Mustang’s naturally aspirated 480-horsepower V8 engine remains unaltered, it received a set of lowering springs to achieve the same low-to-the-ground stance as McQueen. Unlike a full-size Lightning McQueen replica based on a Toyota Celica, this Mustang retains its factory body panels, preserving its distinct appearance.

While the Lightning McQueen Mustang GT may appear somewhat busy to adult or car enthusiast eyes, it has proven to be a big hit among children and those young at heart. As a result, De La Vega is considering taking it to birthday parties and other events, where its vibrant design can bring joy to attendees.

To complete the Cars movie theme, what this Lightning McQueen Mustang GT now needs is a Sally Carrera – the character’s love interest modeled after a Porsche 996. Porsche did create a real-life equivalent known as the Sally Special, based on a 911 Carrera GTS. However, this particular vehicle was a unique one-off and fetched an astonishing $3.6 million at auction last year.

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