Lexus RC F Limited Editions

Lexus RC F Limited Editions Have AI-Generated Names That Are So Bad, They’re Good

The Lexus RC F is approaching its 10th anniversary, and while it may lack the dramatic updates seen in some competitors, its naturally aspirated V8 engine continues to attract enthusiasts. To cater to these enthusiasts, Lexus Japan has introduced two special limited edition RC Fs, each with its own distinct appearance and a focus on enhancing the driving and ownership experience. These models are named the RC F Enthusiast and RC F Emotional Touring.

Lexus RC F Limited Editions
Lexus RC F Limited Editions

Both special edition models are based on the RC F equipped with the existing Performance Package. They feature a modified limited-slip differential and a unique cover for the 5.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine, proudly displaying the label “Assembled by Lexus.” Additional badges can be found next to the window switches on the door cards, along with an F-logo puddle light.

The primary difference between the two special editions lies in their exterior styling. The RC F Enthusiast model features a substantial bolt-on rear spoiler and a carbon hood with visible weave. On the other hand, the more refined RC F Emotional Touring variant conceals its carbon hood under a painted finish and includes an active rear spoiler that deploys into the airflow when the vehicle exceeds 50 mph (80 km/h).

Both versions retain the same engine as the Performance Package RC F, which has been modified to reduce internal friction, resulting in an identical output of 474 horsepower (481 PS).

Interested buyers face a challenge in acquiring one of these limited edition RC F models. Lexus is producing only 25 of each variant, and the selection process will involve a lottery system after dealers have collected the details of all potential buyers. The pricing for these special editions is set at ¥15,000,000 ($100,650) each.

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