EV2 Electric car

Kia to launch affordable EV2 Electric car

Kia is swiftly expanding its range of electric vehicles (EVs), and the next addition is expected to be a compact hatchback. During Kia’s EV DAY event in Korea, they unveiled concept versions of the upcoming EV3 and EV4, but they also hinted at something smaller in the works – a supermini-sized electric car named the EV2.

Kia has previously secured trademarks for electric car names ranging from EV1 to EV9, suggesting the potential for even smaller models in the future. The EV2 is projected to hit the market by 2027, with an estimated price point of around $40,000.

EV2 Electric car
EV2 Electric car

This pricing would position it as a competitor for forthcoming models like the Renault 5 and BYD Dolphin in the lower end of the all-electric market. To optimize cost-efficiency, the EV2 is likely to share the same E-GMP architecture as the EV3 and EV4. However, it’s worth noting that this platform will not support ultra-fast charging due to its 400V system.

Kia is also considering offering both single-motor and dual-motor powertrains for the EV2. If they opt for the dual-motor configuration, it might be reserved for a high-performance ‘EV2 GT’ model.

While Kia currently manufactures the Ceed and Sportage at its Slovakian plant, the company has announced plans to produce small electric Kia models in Europe. The EV2 is expected to be among the EVs produced in Europe.

To give consumers a glimpse of what’s to come, a concept version of the EV2 is likely to be revealed in the next few years. This launch timeline is consistent with how Kia introduced the EV9, EV4, and EV5, all of which were initially previewed by near-production concept vehicles.

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