Kia EV4 Sedan launch

Electric Kia EV4 Sedan launch in 2026: A Stylish and Affordable Option

Kia is introducing a sleek electric sedan called the Kia Concept EV4, set to launch in 2026 and serving as a symbol of innovation for the Korean automaker. This concept, closely resembling the final production version, is part of Kia’s lineup of EV-branded vehicles.

The design of the EV4, while falling under the category of a sedan, incorporates elements from other vehicle types, offering a distinctive and unique appearance. It was unveiled at Kia’s EV Day in Seoul, South Korea, alongside the Concept EV3 SUV and the production version of the 2025 EV5 SUV. Kia also confirmed plans for a smaller, European-focused EV2.

Kia EV4 Sedan launch
Kia EV4 Sedan launch

Kia’s Chief Designer, Karim Habib, described the EV4 as a product of a “challenger mindset” aimed at redefining the traditional typology of sedans. The car features a sharp slope on its front bonnet, a ‘tiger grille’ with lights pushed to the sides, and a coupe-like roofline. It even includes a roof-mounted spoiler and a distinctive long-tail rear deck for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency.

Habib emphasized the importance of maximizing aerodynamic efficiency for an electric sedan, without the singular focus on drag resistance as seen in some electric SUVs, such as Hyundai’s Ioniq 6.

The interior of the EV4 offers a concept car feel, featuring a minimalist dashboard with warm materials and a focus on spaciousness. Notable features include a table-style center control and a digital dash.

The cabin showcases recycled and sustainable materials, with an overall color theme inspired by the element earth. Recycled cotton dyed with madder roots and walnut shells, as well as hand-woven fabric strips, contribute to a sustainable and visually appealing interior.

While specific technical details about the production version of the EV4 have not been revealed, it is expected to share the Hyundai Motor Group’s E-GMP platform with the EV5. This platform allows for various battery sizes, technologies, and both single- and dual-motor powertrains. UK-bound models may come with 160kW front-wheel-drive and 240kW all-wheel-drive options.

However, similar to the EV5, the EV4 will not support ultra-fast charging like the EV6 and EV9. Kia has not yet disclosed the production location, but the EV4 is slated to go on sale in 2025, alongside the EV3 and EV5, and around the same time as the EV2.

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