BMW's New iX2 Electric SUV

BMW’s New iX2 Electric SUV REVEALED in Fortnite! Get Ready to Test Drive the BMW iX2 of Your Dreams

BMW is gearing up for the launch of its new X2 alongside an electric variant known as the iX2. Ahead of the official reveal, BMW is taking a unique approach by inviting Fortnite players to get acquainted with this premium crossover through an exclusive in-game experience.

BMW has crafted a virtual city named “Hypnopolis” within Fortnite. Players can immerse themselves in this new island landscape and take on various challenges to earn rewards. The highlight of Hypnopolis is the Car Creator, strategically located near the double cone in BMW Welt.

This marks the first time that players can design a vehicle within the game, making BMW the pioneer in using this innovative marketing tool. Gamers have the freedom to customize their cars to their heart’s content, resulting in truly unique digital creations. Currently, the iX2 is available in prototype form within the game, and players can personalize their BMWs with limited paint options, trunk contents, and rims.

BMW's New iX2 Electric SUV
BMW’s New iX2 Electric SUV

BMW has hinted that more content for the new iX2 will be added to the Car Creator after the communication launch scheduled for October 11, suggesting that the official debut of the X2 and iX2 is set for October 11 next week.

What’s impressive is that BMW has independently developed this experience for Fortnite without an official partnership. Hypnopolis embodies the “innovative and sustainable vision of the BMW Group” and includes digital representations of iconic locations like the BMW Museum, BMW Welt, and the iconic “Four-Cylinder” company headquarters.

Stefan Ponikva, Vice President of BMW’s Brand Communication and Brand Experience, commented, “Our island in the online video game Fortnite opens up new dialogue opportunities with Next Gen target groups and brings the brand to life in the hands of the players. We are especially pleased that BMW is the first brand to give players the opportunity to customize a digital vehicle in Fortnite.”

While this approach is unique, it’s not the first time that new cars have been introduced in Fortnite. A couple of years ago, the Ferrari 296 GTB was available for driving and enjoyment in the game. However, BMW takes it a step further by allowing players to customize their iX2.

So far, we’ve only had glimpses of the X2 through teaser images and spy shots, confirming that it will sport an XM-inspired front end with a prominent radiator grille. The overall design is reminiscent of the current X4, featuring elements borrowed from the X1. For the U.S. market, the X2 is expected to offer the 28i and M35i drivetrains from the X1. As for the all-electric iX2, its availability in the USA remains uncertain, as the iX1 is not slated for the American market.

Beyond the gaming realm, BMW plans to create more virtual experiences tailored to untapped target audiences, although the specifics of these endeavors have not been disclosed. The BMW Group Supplierthon 2023 recently attracted over 100 global participants who shared innovative ideas for in-car experiences, virtual ecosystems, and vehicle readiness. The winning concepts will soon find their way into new projects.

For those eager to explore the iX2 through Fortnite, the Island Code for Hypnopolis is 3541-0917-2429.

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