BMW X6 M Gold Edition

BMW X6 M Gold Edition: A One-of-a-Kind Super SUV

Manhart Performance, a German tuning company, has unveiled a unique version of the BMW X6 M, aptly named the “Gold Edition.” Based on their MHX6 700 build, which was already an attention-grabber, this special edition boasts a distinct exterior appearance achieved through a blend of carbon fiber components, a deep purple body hue, and various gold accents.

The carbon fiber elements are especially noteworthy, featuring gold flakes infused into the material, adding a touch of luxury to the car’s appearance. These gilded carbon fiber parts are prominently used for side skirts, fender flares, front lip, grille surrounds, side mirrors, diffuser, hood vents, and more.

While the overall design may be polarizing due to its busy aesthetics, it does come with some performance enhancements. The 4.4-liter V8 engine now produces 720 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque, thanks to an ECU remap, offering a substantial boost over the stock X6 M’s 523-hp output. Additionally, the Gold Edition features a KW coilover suspension kit with height adjustability and a Manhart stainless steel quad exhaust with a sound control system. The interior also receives visual upgrades, especially on the steering wheel and paddle shifters.

As for pricing, interested buyers will need to contact Manhart directly for a quote. While opinions on the design may vary, one thing is certain: this BMW X6 M Gold Edition is undeniably fast and distinctive.

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