Luxury Brand Cadillac Returns

American Luxury Brand Cadillac Returns to Europe with All-Electric SUV

Despite facing challenges in delivering enough Lyriq SUVs in North America, Cadillac is expanding its presence by offering the electric vehicle in international markets. General Motors (GM) has announced that the Cadillac Lyriq is now available for ordering in Switzerland, marking the beginning of its European presence. GM plans to gradually introduce the Lyriq in additional European markets over the next few years.

Luxury Brand Cadillac Returns
Luxury Brand Cadillac Returns

GM’s decision to make the Lyriq available in Europe is noteworthy because the company largely withdrew from the European market in 2017 when it sold its Opel and Vauxhall brands to PSA (now part of Stellantis). While some premium and performance GM vehicles like the Corvette and Cadillac’s XT4 are still available in Europe, GM’s presence in the region has been limited.

Cadillac has been striving to establish itself as a competitive rival to premium brands like BMW and Mercedes-Benz, but it has faced challenges in gaining traction among European consumers. However, with the latest Cadillac models like the Lyriq showcasing impressive design and utilizing the advanced Ultium EV platform technology, the brand aims to make a stronger impact.

The Lyriq, built in Tennessee, is priced starting at CHF82,000 (approximately €85,200 or $89,600) in Switzerland. While this may seem less appealing to American buyers who can purchase the vehicle for under $60,000 in the United States, it positions the Cadillac as a more affordable option compared to key European competitors. For instance, an entry-level BMW iX xDrive40 in Switzerland is priced at CHF95,900 (approximately €99,630 or $104,800) and offers a lower range of 264 miles (425 km) on a full charge, while the Lyriq boasts a range of 329 miles (530 km).

However, Tesla’s Model Y, although slightly smaller than the Lyriq, presents a formidable challenge. Swiss EV enthusiasts can acquire a Model Y Long Range for CHF55,990 (approximately €58,200 or $61,200), which offers a range of 331 miles (533 km).

According to Bloomberg, GM plans to sell Cadillac electric vehicles to European customers through its websites and flagship stores, including the one in Zurich, Switzerland. The brand intends to introduce more Cadillac models in Europe in the coming years and expand its sales presence to Sweden, France, and three other countries in the region.

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