Tesla Cybertruck Reverses Into Small Garage

Tesla Cybertruck Reverses Into Small Garage, Proves It’s Not Just a Concept

Back in July, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, shared some intriguing insights about the upcoming Cybertruck. He mentioned, “This is the first truck that we are aware of that will have four doors, over a six-foot bed and would fit into a 20-foot garage.”

Recently, a short video surfaced demonstrating the Cybertruck’s ability to reverse into a garage in San Francisco. The video was captured by a Tesla’s in-dashcam mode and shared by a user named wilfredo.

In the video, we see the Cybertruck slowly inching forward, with its front lightbar illuminating the way, as it backs into a small garage in an apartment building.

The tight fit inside the garage left some observers wondering how the driver would exit the Cybertruck, with questions like, “I wonder how they got out of the truck. Smart summon it in?”

Tesla’s “smart summon” feature allows the vehicle to be controlled using Tesla’s mobile app without the driver needing to be in the driver’s seat. According to wilfredo, the driver simply reversed the Cybertruck into the garage and then walked out.

While it’s challenging to assess the exact dimensions of the garage from the video, it does provide a glimpse of the Cybertruck’s ability to navigate tight spaces.

Another video showcases the rear-wheel steering feature in action as the Cybertruck is seen reversing.

These glimpses of the Cybertruck’s features continue to build excitement around its imminent delivery event. This innovative vehicle has the potential to revolutionize the electric truck and utility vehicle market, further increasing demand.

In July, Elon Musk highlighted the tremendous demand for the Cybertruck during Tesla’s Q2 earnings call. He stated, “The demand is so far off the hook, that you can’t even see the hook.”

Tesla aims to produce approximately 250,000 vehicles at its Texas-based production facility. However, with an estimated 2 million existing orders, fulfilling this demand may take quite some time.

We anticipate Tesla announcing the Cybertruck’s delivery event in the coming days, as a large number of eager order holders await its arrival.

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