Tata Harrier Gets A Stunning Bentley-Inspired Paint Job

India’s Tata Harrier Gets A Stunning Bentley-Inspired Paint Job

Aftermarket car customization shops often create unique versions of regular vehicles, and this Tata Harrier is a striking example. It is possibly the world’s first Tata Harrier to feature Bentley’s Virian Green paint shade. While the Harrier is not a full-sized SUV like the Fortuner, it has garnered a significant following in India since its launch. Tata’s other car models have also performed admirably in terms of monthly sales. Currently, Tata is working on facelifted versions of the Harrier and Safari, with test mules spotted on multiple occasions. Let’s delve into the details of this intriguing paint job.

Tata Harrier with Green Paint

This video, shared by BROTOMOTIV on YouTube, features the owner of a car customization shop discussing their decision to give the SUV a unique paint shade. With thousands of options available, they consulted with the Harrier owner and settled on the eye-catching Viridian Green color, a prominent theme among Bentley cars. To complement this choice, they added gloss black side pillars and alloy wheels. Although they had the option of a Copper Bronze color pattern for the alloys, the owner opted for black.

The customization process began with the complete disassembly of the SUV, including removing exterior accessories like headlights, taillamps, wipers, ORVMs, and interior components such as door panels. This meticulous approach ensured that the new paint covered every corner of the vehicle’s body. After completing the painting process, a ceramic coating was applied to protect the SUV from environmental elements, bird droppings, and water accumulation.

The result of their work is truly remarkable, and the concluding shots of the SUV on the road showcase its unique and exquisite appearance.

What We Think

We highly appreciate individuals who opt for professional car modifications. It is essential to choose experienced and reputable car shops for any modifications to ensure the best results.

For those curious about the legality of changing a car’s color in India, it’s important to note that technically, it is not allowed. However, there is a solution available. You can consult your local Regional Transport Office (RTO) and follow the necessary procedures to officially register the color change on your car’s Registration Certificate (RC).

Taking these steps is crucial to ensure that the paint job is conducted in a lawful manner. By informing the RTO and updating the RC accordingly, you can avoid any potential issues with law enforcement in the future.

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