Jimny Gets Stuck in Slush, Rescued by Tractor

Jimny Gets Stuck in Slush, Rescued by Tractor

Maruti Suzuki has recently launched the highly anticipated 5-door version of the Jimny SUV in India, making it the first country to receive this practical variant. Deliveries of the 4×4 SUV have already begun, and people are eagerly exploring its capabilities by taking it off-road. One such video, uploaded by BRH explorations on YouTube, shows the Jimny SUV getting stuck in slush while attempting to go through a challenging mud trail.

In the video, the owner and vlogger drive the Jimny on an uneven mud track commonly used by tractors and farming equipment. The vehicle, equipped with upgraded AT tires from the Continental brand, handles the initial part of the track smoothly in 2WD mode. As the tracks become more challenging, they engage 4H, and the Jimny continues to navigate without much trouble. However, they encounter a spot with no defined tracks and had to use proper spotting to maneuver through it.

Eventually, while attempting to cross a mud pool, the SUV gets stuck due to the uneven bottom and lack of traction from the AT tires. Despite trying to remove the mud from the bottom, the vehicle remains beached. They call for help and utilize backup vehicles, eventually resorting to a local tractor to pull the Jimny out of the mud pool.

This video serves as a reminder that even 4×4 vehicles can get stuck in challenging terrain, emphasizing the importance of being prepared and having backup vehicles on such off-road adventures. It also showcases the capabilities of the Jimny as it successfully navigated through various obstacles before encountering the challenging mud pool.

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