Jaguar Renews Plans for All-Electric XJ

Jaguar Renews Plans for All-Electric XJ

The proposed XJ EV faced disappointment, but the new endeavor takes an entirely different direction.

Jaguar is set to replace its cherished XJ model with an even more expansive and luxurious electric vehicle. This insight comes from a credible source reported by Autocar. According to the source, the luxury sedan is slated for a 2025 launch, followed by two SUVs, one of which is positioned to rival the Bentley Bentayga.

Jaguar, now operating under JLR, is aiming for a more upscale market, indicating that the successor to the XJ will be larger, more opulent, and undergo a complete redesign. This marks the second time the XJ has seen a significant design transformation, with the X351 representing a departure from the rounded headlight styling that dates back to the 1968 Series 1. Moreover, this marks the first occasion where the XJ will not be propelled by six, eight, or twelve-cylinder engines.

Jaguar Renews Plans for All-Electric XJ
Jaguar Renews Plans for All-Electric XJ

All three models are planned to utilize the new JAE electric vehicle platform, meticulously crafted for the next generation of Jaguar vehicles. This innovative platform holds immense significance for Jaguar’s future prospects.

Previously, Jaguar had a fully electric XJ in development, intended for a launch last year. However, Thierry Bollore, who assumed the CEO position of Jaguar Land Rover in September 2020, scrapped the electric XJ project. Although Bollore has since departed from the company, his reservations about the original concept align with the current JLR CEO, Adrian Mardell.

Mardell explained the rationale for an independent platform, stating, “Otherwise, it doesn’t quite look as potent and exuberant as you would wish it to. This wheelbase and this architecture will deliver the design intent.” Bollore had noted that the abandoned electric XJ differed vastly from their proposed models in terms of technology, battery chemistry, size, performance, and market positioning.

Autocar reports that Jaguar’s forthcoming trio of vehicles is expected to be priced between $126,000 to $158,000, placing them in the realm of the Mercedes-Benz EQS and BMW i7. The power output is anticipated to start around 450 horsepower, offering a range between 385 to 475 miles.

Jaguar’s strategic move is crucial, as the brand currently lacks competitive offerings. The I-Pace EV is lagging behind newer rivals, and the popular F-Type model is nearing its end.

Although the iconic supercharged 5.0-liter V8 that drove the now-retired XJ and XJR will be missed, an electric powertrain aligns better with luxury driving. Electric motors provide substantial low-end torque and operate in near silence, not to mention the absence of vibrations.

However, the competition within this segment is fierce, with contenders like the Lucid Air from the United States occupying a similar space. The forthcoming XJ, or whatever name Jaguar chooses, must rise to the occasion and deliver excellence in order to thrive.

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