Hyundai to Build Life-Size Exter Micro SUV out of Lego Blocks

In its most recent television commercial (TVC), Hyundai introduces an intriguing facet by unveiling a Lego rendition of the Exter micro SUV. Renowned for its innovative approach to product promotion, the Korean automotive giant’s creative ingenuity shines through once again. Given that the Exter represents the newest addition to Hyundai’s Indian lineup, it naturally takes center stage in several TVCs. Hyundai’s diverse array of vehicles embodies cutting-edge technology, captivating aesthetics, user-friendly designs, an array of engine options, and accessible pricing. These collective attributes render the Exter model particularly captivating for potential customers. A standout feature that distinguishes it from its counterparts is the novel addition of 6 airbags across all versions, a deliberate enhancement aimed at securing top scores in the updated Global NCAP safety assessments. This advertisement delves into the intricate elements of the latest TVC, encapsulating Hyundai’s innovative spirit and commitment to delivering excellence.

Hyundai Exter From Lego

Hailing from the official Hyundai India YouTube channel, this post bears the title “Think outside. Think EXTER.” While the specific context remains somewhat enigmatic, the video clip offers intriguing glimpses. Featuring an assortment of Lego components, a man diligently assembles something of interest. The precise nature of Hyundai’s intentions remains veiled, leaving room for speculation. While the outcome might possibly culminate in a conventional advertisement, the true essence of this creative venture awaits further revelations. Time holds the key to unraveling the layers of this engaging pursuit. As the Exter made its entry, it boldly entered the arena, presenting a formidable challenge to the established dominance of the Tata Punch in the Indian market.


Notwithstanding its micro SUV classification, the Hyundai Exter boasts an extensive array of pioneering features that set new benchmarks within its segment. This comprehensive list encompasses an 8-inch Infotainment System enhanced with Bluelink technology, a Dashcam complete with Dual Camera functionality, a Digital Cluster featuring a vivid Colour TFT MID, a Height Adjustable Driver’s Seat to cater to individual preferences, seamless Smartphone Connectivity via Apple CarPlay & Android Auto, and an advanced Voice Recognition system. Notably, the inclusion extends to a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), a Smart Electric Sunroof augmenting the driving experience, Automatic Climate Control complemented by a Digital Display, Wireless Charging capabilities, and the convenience of Keyless Entry facilitated by the Smart Key system. This constellation of features illustrates Hyundai’s dedication to redefining the driving experience by embracing innovation.


Presenting a versatile powertrain selection, the Hyundai Exter offers discerning buyers a choice between two engine options: a 1.2-litre petrol engine and a 1.2-litre bi-fuel engine that accommodates both petrol and CNG fuels. The petrol variant yields a commendable 83 hp and 113.8 Nm of peak power and torque. In contrast, the bi-fuel alternative registers slightly subdued figures of 69 hp and 95.2 Nm for peak power and torque, respectively. Enhancing consumer choice, the petrol engine can be coupled with either a 5-speed manual transmission or an AMT gearbox, facilitating a customized driving experience. In the case of the bi-fuel engine, it is solely paired with a manual gearbox. Starting at an ex-showroom price of Rs 6 lakh and extending up to Rs 10 lakh, the Exter emerges as a competitively priced proposition that caters to a diverse range of preferences.

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