AGL Night Saver EV Energy Plan: Charge your EV for $1/day overnight

AGL Energy, one of Australia’s major utility companies, has revamped its electric vehicle (EV) electricity supply plan with a new offering aimed at encouraging more EV owners to charge their vehicles overnight, specifically between midnight and 6am.

Named the “Night Saver Energy Plan,” this initiative allows EV owners to charge at a rate of 8 cents per kilowatt-hour (c/kWh) during specified hours. AGL suggests that this rate should be sufficient to fully charge a standard-range EV (with a 62 kWh battery) for just $5.

AGL’s decision to introduce this plan is based on three years of trials conducted with AGL customers in collaboration with the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA), which found that most home EV charging occurs overnight.

Jo Egan, AGL’s Chief Customer Officer, stated that this new plan aligns with the convenience of customers charging their EVs while they sleep, making it an affordable option.

The energy industry is paying close attention to the growth of EVs and their potential impact on the grid. The increasing number of EVs could lead to a substantial demand for electricity during peak charging times, as highlighted by ARENA’s projections from the Australian Energy Market Operator’s 2020 Integrated System Plan.

To manage this growth effectively, AGL’s Night Saver Energy Plan aims to incentivize EV owners to charge during off-peak hours. This not only helps balance grid demand but also offers customers cost-effective charging solutions.

As part of this offering, AGL will also provide Night Saver EV Energy Plan customers with special charging rates at bp pulse rapid ultra-fast chargers, a service that will be rolled out to other Australian states shortly.

Customers interested in the Night Saver plan don’t require a dedicated EV charger, only a regular power socket and lead. However, a smart meter is essential for enrollment. AGL customers are also offered discounted rates for charging at any time of the day. For those with solar panels on their homes, daytime recharging from rooftop-generated energy remains the most economical option.

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