Kia Sonet

Kia Sonet vs. the Competition: Who Has the Best Ground Clearance and Boot Space? Find Out Now!

The Kia Sonet is Kia’s most recent offering in India’s small SUV market. As soon as the news broke, it sent shockwaves through India’s four-wheel vehicle market. When compared to other compact SUVs on the Indian market, the Kia Sonet scores well in terms of both ground clearance and cargo space.

Kia Sonet has proven to be just as popular as its more substantial sibling, the Kia Seltos. It can be purchased with either a gasoline or diesel engine. There are a total of six different trim levels available. This little SUV has a starting price in India of Rs 6.71 Lakhs INR. Here we compare the Kia Sonet’s cargo capacity and ground clearance.

Kia Sonet Ground Clearance

View a comprehensive table of the Kia Sonet’s ground clearance in several systems of measurement here. Please review our analysis contrasting Sonet’s ground clearance with that of competing subcompact SUVs.

Ground Clearance in mm205 mm
Ground Clearance in cm20.5 cm
Ground Clearance in Feet0.67 Feet
Ground Clearance in m0.205 m
Kia Sonet
Kia Sonet

Comparison of Kia Sonet Ground Clearance With other Compact SUV Cars

Hyundai Venue190 mm
Tata Nexon209 mm
Mahindra XUV 300180 mm
Ford Ecosport200 mm
Kia Sonet205 mm

Among compact SUVs, the Kia Sonet has a high ground clearance of 205 mm. The Tata Nexon has the best ground clearance of the bunch at 209 millimetres. When comparing vehicles, the Ford Ecosport has the most ground clearance at 200 mm, while the Mahindra XUV 300 has the lowest at 180 mm.
Rough roads and terrains are no match for a vehicle with high ground clearance. The Kia Sonet has one of the greatest ground clearances in its class and handles rough terrain with ease. As compared to its sibling, the Hyundai Venue, it has a higher ground clearance. You’ll have less of a possibility of damaging your vehicle’s undercarriage if you have a high ground clearance.

Kia Sonet Boot Space

The Kia Sonet has one of the largest trunks in the industry. The trunk of the Kia Sonet, with 392 litres, is larger than that of the Hyundai Venue, its twin. The Kia Sonet’s 392 litres of cargo space is impressive, given the vehicle’s size as a subcompact SUV.

Comparison Of Kia Sonet Boot Space with other Compact SUV Cars

Hyundai Venue350 L
Tata Nexon350 L
Mahindra XUV 300265 L
Ford EcoSport352 L
Kia Sonet392

The Kia Sonet has the most cargo room here, at 392 litres. The Ford Ecosport comes in second place in our comparison with its 352 litres of cargo space. Both the Hyundai Venue and the Tata Nexon feature 350 litres of trunk capacity, making them the third largest in this comparison.

The trunk space of the Mahindra XUV is the smallest of the two vehicles. Although trunk space is not crucial, having a large one is always helpful. That’s why the Kia Sonet is so great: it’s also excellent in this respect. A 4M small SUV with a cargo capacity of 392 litres is outstanding.

Our Verdict

Among cars in its category, the Kia Sonet is now one of the best-selling models. It has everything you need to start a fire in this area. Kia has also set a very low pricing point for the and it appears to be another huge triumph for Kia in the Indian market.

Here, we look at how the Kia Sonet stacks up against other compact SUVs when it comes to height and cargo capacity. Compared to its older sibling, the Kia Seltos, the new Sonet is a smashing triumph. It is our sincere wish that this contrast between two primary axes clarified your questions.

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