Toyota Tundra Trailhunter Concept Showcases Off-Road Trim for Trucks and SUVs

We’re at a loss to understand why Toyota’s Trailhunter concept, a Tundra-based Overlanding vehicle that previews a portfolio of prospective Trailhunter products, isn’t already the market standard. How many Toyotas do you see with lift kits and roof tents, but not factory-installed Overlanding gear like pop-up tents, coolers, onboard recovery gear, and other equipment for camping off the grid? Tons. It’s a stroke of brilliance on Toyota’s part to provide such builds at the factory, and it’s likely lucrative as well. After all, wouldn’t many people want to buy a turnkey overlander from Toyota, the brand known for its robust reliability?

Toyota Tundra Trailhunter
Toyota Tundra Trailhunter

That’s what this Trailhunter idea, based on the Tundra, will be showing off at the 2022 SEMA show in Las Vegas. Toyota isn’t just seeing one Tundra with a few camping accessories tacked on; rather, the Trailhunter idea foreshadows a whole family of Trailhunters. Toyota’s group vice president of marketing, Lisa Matarazzo, has stated that these “Trailhunter trucks will come straight from the factory equipped to meet the needs of Overlanding enthusiasts,” and that they “will be the most capable OEM Overlanding solutions designed to meet Toyota’s legendary quality, durability, and reliability standards.”

Why not just walk into a Toyota dealership, drop some cash, and drive away in a factory-built Trailhunter model where everything has been done for you and is ready to go right out of the box without having to seek out a rooftop tent, a rack to support that roof tent, ladders, a lifted suspension, better tyres, or any other upgrades?

Although Toyota hasn’t confirmed which models will get the Trailhunter makeover, the Tundra pictured here (complete with a tent, bed rack, cooler, recovery gear, and sweet wheels and tyres) and the numerous references to “trucks” in the company’s announcement suggest that the Tundra and smaller midsize Tacoma are likely candidates. We’re thinking that the new Sequoia, 4Runner, and possibly RAV4 could fit the bill as well. Toyota promises additional information about the Trailhunter will be released in 2019, so stay tuned. This Tundra idea should serve as a teaser for the eventual overland journey.

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