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Maruti Suzuki Swift Hybrid and Dzire Hybrid with 35 Kmpl mileage

Fortifying its hybrid offerings, Maruti Suzuki India. After the success of the Grand Vitara, Maruti Suzuki has plans to introduce hybrid versions of the Swift and Dzire. Maruti Suzuki plans to release hybrid versions of both cars with their next-generation redesigns. Both the hatchback Swift and the sedan Dzire, in their hybrid forms, are poised to lead the Indian market in terms of fuel efficiency.

According to Autocar’s sources, 2019 will see the introduction of a powerful hybrid version of the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Dzire. It’s expected that the launch will occur in Q1 of 2024. The new Swift and Dzire strong hybrids, known internally as YED, will feature a brand-new engine.

The new 1.2-liter three-cylinder engine, internally designated Z12E, will be different from the K12C. The Grand Vitara and the Urban Cruiser Hyryder introduced us to Toyota’s innovative hybrid technology, which will be standard in the engine. As a means of reducing the price, Toyota is working to further localise the technology. Since this is the case, manufacturers can implement the technology in compact cars.

Maruti Baleno CNG vs Swift CNG

Highly fuel-efficient

The Indian market has consistently favoured vehicles with low fuel consumption. When they are released, the next-generation versions of the Swift and Dzire will offer the best fuel economy of any automobiles on sale in India. The current fuel economy for the Swift is 22.56 km/l, with the Dzire offering 24.1 km/l. As of its release, the Grand Vitara strong hybrid has an EPA-estimated fuel economy of 27.97 km/l. We should expect fuel economy in the region of 35–40 km/l with the advent of the Swift and Dzire strong hybrids.

The improved CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Economy) rating for Maruti Suzuki is another benefit of excellent fuel efficiency. Because hybrids are awarded “super points” in the CAFE II rating system, this is good news for Maruti Suzuki.

However, the hybrid technology does add cost, which will be reflected in the final price of the vehicle. While we cannot precisely estimate the cost increase, we can say that the hybrid system will add several lakhs to the sticker price. According to the article, both Maruti Suzuki and Toyota are attempting to make the price difference between their petrol and hybrid cars as small as possible. To do this, the Hybrid system will be localized aggressively.

An interesting fact is that Maruti Suzuki wants to reduce the roughly Rs 2.6 lakh price gap between the strong and mild hybrid editions of the Grand Vitara to around Rs 1 lakh.

Upcoming cars from Maruti Suzuki

Maruti Suzuki is planning to bring in a slew of cars next year. The Auto Expo will mark the debut of the brand’s lineup, which includes the crossover-inspired YTB and the five-door Jimny. Additionally, Maruti Suzuki will display an all-electric concept car. The company is concentrating on hybrid technology rather than electric vehicles because it expects the market to embrace hybrid automobiles more rapidly.

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