Maruti Suzuki Dzire

The Maruti Suzuki Dzire in the stunning Lava Blue colour (Video)

Everyone knows that Maruti Suzuki is a hugely successful car manufacturer in India. The Dzire is just one model among many for this manufacturer. Over a decade have passed since its original release, and now the third generation of this compact sedan is available. Unfortunately, the diesel engine option for the Dzire was discontinued by Maruti in accordance with the BS6 emission norms, as opposed to the petrol engine option. Several people from various parts of the country have sent us photos of their modified Maruti Dzire sedans. Here’s a video of a Maruti Dzire that’s been expertly repainted in Lava Blue.

BROTOMOTIV now has the video on their YouTube channel. According to the video, the Dzire’s current owner got the vehicle a few years ago as a gift for his wife. He selected the beige tone because it appeared more natural in photographic representations. Even after waiting so long to see the car in person, he was disappointed. After a few years of driving the car in the same colour, he decided to have Brotomotiv garage do a complete re-paint job.

Several small dings could be seen on the car’s exterior. The group promptly got to work on them. Panels with dents were stripped of their paint to reveal the marks. After the paint was taken off, a dent puller was used to restore the panel. An even surface was achieved by grinding away excess metal, and rust would be prevented in the future by priming the metal. Then, the excess putty was sanded off and a thin coat was applied to the panels to achieve a uniform appearance. The car’s original paint was sanded off.

This is essential for avoiding an excessively thick coat of paint on the vehicle. Each of the fenders, bumpers, grilles, bumpers, and doors was taken off and sanded separately. After the old paint was stripped off, a coat of black primer was applied over the entire vehicle. This is done to preserve the metal components and deepen the colour of the factory paint job. The customer had consulted with the service department before deciding on the Lava Blue paint for his sedan. The Skoda Octavia is also offered in this colour in the Indian market.

After a coat of black primer was applied, the car was rolled into a paint booth and given a coat of Lava Blue. To get that high gloss, a layer of clear coat was also sprayed over the paint. The sedan’s standard alloy wheels were also repainted to make them look like new. A factory finish requires multiple coats of paint on the door, bonnet, tail gate, fenders, and bumpers. This compact sedan looks stunning in its Lava Blue paint job, as though it had just rolled off the assembly line.

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