wagon r accessories

Maruti Suzuki WagonR: Unveiling the Must-Have Accessories to Supercharge Your Ride!

At the Udaipur media drive, Maruti Suzuki showed off two WagonRs with added options. Direct presets or custom presets are also options. We’ve compiled a list of the best eight accessories that can either add a dash of style or functionality to your home.

1. Body cladding

The wheel arches, side body, and bumpers will all have a durable body covering in addition to the front extenders. Adding them to the vehicle will give it a more rugged appearance, as well as protect the paint from direct scratches.

2. Alloy wheels

Steel rims with wheel caps are standard on the hatchback’s lower grades. All-wheel drive is standard on all save the most expensive models. Maruti Suzuki dealerships, on the other hand, offer these as optional extras.

3. Door visors

There are a variety of door visors available, some of which are decorative as well as functional.

4. Front grille

One horizontal piece of chrome is the standard grille. There is, however, the option of purchasing chrome or white/orange surrounds to match the car’s exterior color.

5. Spoiler

The addition of a rear spoiler gives the vehicle a sportier appearance.

wagon r accessories
wagon r accessories

6. Seat Covers

Owners can choose black leatherette seat coverings if they don’t like the beige cloth on the seats. All of these have been painted in bright hues to complement the car’s paint scheme.

7. Interior kit

Also included are a variety of style kits, such as Boston cherry, sunset carbon, and silver prism, to name just a few. Add a dash of funk to the inside with these door pads, ac vent, and gearbox surrounds.

Stainless steel scuff plates
– Seat covers
– Floor mats
– Reverse parking camera
– Rear parking sensors
– Interior styling kit including colored inserts for door hand rest and center tunnel console

8. Door sills

In addition to the floor mats, the presets playtime, casa, and robust all come with three different styles of stainless steel door guards.

On Maruti Suzuki’s website, individual and predetermined package pricing can be found. The same service is also available at any Maruti Suzuki dealership that is authorized to provide it.

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– Front and rear bumper extender
– Bumper corner protectors
– Fog lamps garnish
– Wheel arch cladding
– Bodyside mouldings
– Door visor
– Side underbody spoiler
– 14-inch alloys
– Wheel covers
– Rear spoiler
– Mudflaps
– ORVM with indicators (L and V variants only)
– Chrome garnish for tail lamps, number plate, and boot lid
– Extreme vision bulb for headlamps


Exterior features include a front grille garnish, dual-tone front, and rear bumper extenders, wheel arch cladding, dual-tone side underbody spoiler, number plate garnish, and door visor.

Stainless steel door sill guards, Victory Finish seat covers, steering wheel covers, as well as blue designer floor mats, are included with the Silver Prism styling kit.

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An orange-colored front and rear bumper extender, fog-lamp garnish, door visors, and garnish on the tail-lamp, back door, and license plate are all included in the exterior design.

Stainless steel door sill guards, tan highlight finish steering wheel cover, black tissue bottle, and a tan highlight finish set cover are included in the Sunset Carbon interior decorating kit.


This includes the exterior garnish on the grille, the front bumper, the fog lights, the door visor, as well as the garnish on the rear bumper, and the license plate number.

Carpet mat, Diamond Cross finish seat cover, Boston Cherry interior design package (includes steering wheel cover and black tissue bottle), Casa stainless steel door sill guard (includes all of the above).

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