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Mileage Of MG Hector

Mileage Of MG Hector

Mileage Of MG Hector – We have Listed the Mileage of MG All Model with Petrol and Diesel Variants.

MG Hector price starts at Rs 14.52 Lakh, the top-line model starts at Rs 20.88 Lakh.

The MG offers 2 car models in India, including 2 new car models in the SUV/MUV category. MG has 4 upcoming cars in India, Hector Plus, Gloster, G10, and Baojun 510.

Mileage Of MG Hector

  • MG Hector
    • Petrol – 15.81 kmpl
    • Diesel – 17.41 kmpl
    • Petrol Automatic – 13.96 kmpl
    • Diesel Automatic – 17 kmpl

Chinese-owned British carmaker MG made its India foray with the Hector SUV. The all-electric ZS EV is the latest addition to the MG’s India range.

MG has big plans for India and it will introduce new models. The XL-sized Gloster SUV and G10 MPV are some of the MG models headed our way.

The MG offers 2 new models in India. The price starts at Rs. 12.74 lakh and goes up to Rs. 23.58 lakh.

The popular cars of MG include Hector (Rs. 12.74 lakh), ZS EV (Rs. 20.88 lakh), and. The lowest segment of MG car is Hector (Rs. 12.74 lakh) and the most expensive one is ZS EV (Rs. 23.58 lakh).

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